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EU-project “ENTER-transfer”: Developing support tools for company transfers


Key project data:


Project: ENTER-transfer

Duration: June 2017 - May 2020


Funding: The project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) as well as by the Upper Austrian government within the framework of the "Interreg Central Europe" programme.


Project partners: universities and public institutions in Austria, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic


Project objectives:

- To sensitize public institutions to the topic.

- Training for young entrepreneurs, owners and successors of family businesses.

- Development of innovative tools and services to improve the process of business succession and support family businesses.

- Transnational matchmaking platform for companies

- Develop strategies for public institutions that help to create favourable conditions for business succession.

- Develop a set of instruments for company succession with practical guidelines for handover and takeover




Project website:

Project results:

Project video: Cartoon with German subtitles  

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Consultation contact:

Sophie Wiesinger, Project Assistant, Course of Studies Global Sales and Marketing, Mail:

Margarethe Überwimmer, Head of Global Sales and Marketing, FH Upper Austria Faculty of Economics and Management Steyr, Tel.: +43 664 80484-44612,



Picture: Bild1.jpg

Caption: Project logo

Picture source: FH OÖ/EU Interreg


Picture: Bild2.jpg

Caption: Company handovers simulated with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY

Picture source: Business Upper Austria


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Caption: The international project team with partners from Austria, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic From the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences, GSM course of studies, in the picture (left) project researcher from Steyr, Alexandra Fratric.

Picture source: Enter-transfer/EU project team


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Caption: Playful planning of company transfers with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY

Picture source: Business Upper Austria