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ProsperAMnet - Progressing Service Performance and Export Results of Advanced Manufacturers Networks

10 project partners from Central Europe cooperate in the project ProsperAMnet – Progressing Service Performance and Export Results of Advanced Manufacturers Networks - with the aim to support Advanced Manufacturers (AMs) in becoming successful in their service business. The 3-year-project is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund. 

The main goal of ProsperAMnet is to develop and provide two innovative online-tools for AMs in order to improve the sale of industrial services and to identify services, which can be exported successfully. One tool is the so-called ‘service performance monitor’, which identifies a company’s internal leverages for improving the introduction, management and selling of existing and new product - or solution-related services. The second tool, the ‘service export radar’, collects and extracts data on export markets with the help of Artificial Intelligence. AMs receive recommendations regarding service export chances.  In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, business support organizations are trained in order to support AMs in their service management and export activities. Policy makers receive strategic action plans and recommendations for future opportunities, e.g. which measures to take in the future.

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Industrial Service Excellence Monitor

The Industrial Service Excellence Monitor (ISEM) is an analytical tool for companies to continuously evaluate their Industrial Service Excellence. It is a useful tool to analyze the service business in product-oriented companies and gives suggestions how the service business can be improved. The user of the monitor should have intimate knowledge of the service business in his company to execute the analysis. The ISE-monitor is based on an analysis of scientific literature as well as the collaboration with companies that are successful in their service business.


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SIP-SME Service Innovations Process für Klein- und Mittelunternehmen

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the South Bohemian University of České Budějovice, Business Upper Austria, and the South Bohemian Science & Technology Park develop an online assessment tool enabling continuous service innovation process management for SMEs in Upper Austria and South Bohemia. The utilization of existing innovation impulses through cross-border cooperation is promoted and innovation-oriented SMEs obtain more methodological support for innovation management.


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KITKA - Artificial Intelligence - Transparency through a catalogue-based platform for Austria

In the course of the FFG Ideen Lab 4.0, the exploratory project KITKA was developed which involves the scientific partners Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Global Sales and Marketing and Center for Human-Computer Interaction (University of Salzburg) as well as the industry partner ONTEC AG.

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have great potential for Austrian companies. However, many companies do not yet fully exploit this potential. A lack of trust in and knowledge about these systems are major barriers to their adequate use.

The overall goal of the project KITKA is therefore to increase the transparency of AI systems developed in Austria. In order to achieve this goal, the interdisciplinary project team will develop a catalogue of criteria and validate them with the help of other experts. These criteria will enable a holistic description and evaluation of AI systems. This means that besides a technical description of the systems, other perspectives (e.g. ethics, sociology, economy, psychology, data protection and HCI) will be considered. Within the one-year project, ten AI systems used or offered in Austria will be selected and described according to the catalogue of criteria. In addition, a platform will be conceptualized in order to present this information appropriately and to make it available to interested companies and the society in the future. The long-term vision of the KITKA team is to provide an open-access platform, which includes a large number of AI application examples from Austria.


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Business succession is an important issue for companies and policy makers in CE since it entails economic and social impacts. Every year many well-functioning SME close due to the inability of finding successors able and/or willing to take over business leadership. Especially countries in Eastern Europe have limited or no experience with business ownership transfer.
Although Austria has a well established support scheme for business succession, an “innovation lag” during business transfer is a common problem which has to be overcome.

The goal of this project is to improve economic and social innovation in CE by creating an environment enabling business succession at national and transnational level.
A special focus on the project is on the internationalization of business transfers. Especially "merger and acquisition" is included in the research activities. A transnational transfer platform will be created. The "Enter- transfer" model will be developed to support entrepreneurs transferring their business within the family or to external investors.

Industrial Services – Training Concepts

The project ServTrain has been initiated due to numerous developments in services and their market potential. In the area of ​​skill-intensive services, sales, cultural specific marketing, systematic management, the organizational integration of the services and the establishment of a service culture are often a major challenge for production companies in Upper Austria. Thus, the aim of this project was to improve the quality of industrial and industry related services as well as the on-site availability of services on the defined target markets of the project with trainings. Training concepts were created for the particular service elements of the prevailing companies and later tested. Possible adaptions were made, and have been finally implemented into the respective organization. 

Industrial Services – Pricing Concepts

The project ServPrice has been induced due to numerous developments of service features and their market potential. In the area of skill-intensive services, sales, cultural specific marketing, systematic management, the organizational integration of services and the establishment of service-culture constitute a great challenge for production plants in Upper Austria. A lack of documentation leads to considerable difficulties in the fields of marketing and sales of services. Dubieties concerning the offered services from the sellers themselves, no consistent appearance of the marketing employees on the market plus no precise price calculations and lost profit potentials were main aspects. Especially the findings in the fields of pricing, importance of services, essential service parameters for spare parts and trainings, and service innovation will be of great importance for the project participants and the industry in general in the future.